Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Reason For Homeschool

Why did you choose to homeschool your kids? Think hard about the reason because this will affect everything you do as a homeschooler.

What is most important to you? The answer to this question will play a part in what you choose to teach and how you teach it.

As parents, one of the things we teach our children is how to recognize truth from error, being is homeschooler is no different. As a homeschooling parent, where do you get your truth from? The answer to this question will also influence what and how you teach.

As a Christian, what shapes your mind? What do you believe about the Bible? Does what you believe about the Bible come from what your Pastor or any other Christian leader has told or have to taken the time to go into the Word and study it for yourself?

When you or any of your kids are preparing for test, a test that will determine whether you get a certificate, diploma or a degree of some sorts will you be satisfied with 15 mins of study a day? How much study do you think it will be necessary to undertake so as to come out in flying colors? As a Christian, are you putting that much time into the study of your Bible?

Take time to ponder these questions. I will be elaborating more on them in the coming weeks.

God bless



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