Monday, June 09, 2008

Top 10 Things I Did Not Need for Homeschooling

I got this from "Guitl-Free Homeschooling" website and I thought I should share it. This is really great!

Homeschooling requires a minimal amount of preparation: it can be started with a few books to read, some paper and pencils, and a few broken crayons as basic art supplies. Institutional schools receiving government funding would lead us to believe that much, much more is needed for adequately educating students. I quickly discovered that certain institutional necessities were, in fact, completely unnecessary in our homeschool setting. And so, here, without further ado, are the Top Ten Things I Did NOT Need for Homeschooling.

10. Attendance Charts, Seating Charts, Hall Passes, or Restroom Passes -- We relaxed and made ourselves at home... because we were at home.

9. Lunch Punch Cards -- Our lunches were all paid for before we took the groceries home from the store.

8. Hall Monitors -- I could hear trouble from anywhere in the house.

7. Playground Monitors -- Unless you want to count the dog.

6. Harassment Policy or That Desk Facing the Wall in the Back of the Room for the Disruptive Kid -- "Don't hit your sister," "Don't hit your brother," and "Go to your room" covered it all for us.

5. Parent/Teacher Conferences -- Unless you want to count talking to myself.

4. AIDS Awareness; Diversity Day; or G*y, L*sbian, Transg*nder, & Bis*xual Day -- We were too busy with learning the more important aspects of education... such as how to read, write, and calculate.

3. Police Officers, Metal Detectors, or Pepper Spray -- I even encouraged my students to use and carry pocket knives.

2. Zero Tolerance Policies -- I possess critical thinking skills and know how to use them to analyze problems on a case by case basis.

And finally, the Number One Thing that I did not need for homeschooling my own children...

1. RITALIN! or any other mind-numbing drugs to control active children -- Physical exercise was much more effective for getting the wiggles out and preparing my students to learn.

*[Unfortunately, the spelling of certain words must be altered to reduce unwanted search engine hits. I apologize for any confusion.]

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